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NICHOLAS MAX is an up-and-coming solo-act singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and filmmaker based out of BRONX, NEW YORK CITY. With an unquestionable passion for making music and a bright, positive attitude, Nicholas Max is on a journey to spread love through making music.

GERMANO STUDIOS the HIT FACTORY, NYC. Home and birthplace to countless platinum hits. From MICHAEL JACKSON to THE ROLLING STONES. CARDI B to BEYONCE. It is here where Nicholas lovingly began crafting his debut project. However, it’s not only this legendary house that has added to the magic but the shared talents of super producers and Grammy-winning engineers as well.

ELVIS “BLACK ELVIS” WILLIAMS is a Grammy-winning producer noted for crafting hits for BEYONCE, USHER, NICKI MINAJ, and CIARA among others. Elvis’ production talent shines bright on Nicholas’ debut solo single, “TOUCH A STAR”; a surefire club banger with an old-school vibe and playful hook that may indeed stamp the song as timeless.

EVERTON “RADO” MINOTT is another producer of note who is showcased on Nicholas’ feature track, “TONIGHT”; a dance hall anthem that he collaborated on with talented hip-hop artist A.R. SKIP. Rado is a top dance hall producer out of Jamaica known for crafting hits for well known reggae artists such as MAVADO and ALKALINE. He’s also been featured by DJ KHALID.

Nicholas made his official debut as a producer on the song, “NEW YORK“, a song Nicholas describes as “an anthem to my city and a love letter to my journey and purpose”. As a producer, his signature sound and sonics shine effortlessly on releases “GLISTEN“, “LOOKING FOR LOVE” and “CALL ME“. All records blessed by Grammy winning mixing engineer MAX “MAX THE ENGINEER” MORIN.

THE ZENNER SONG" is a three-act fantasy adventure audio short film set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe starring NICHOLAS MAX in his film-making and voice acting debut! It is written, produced, performed, recorded & mixed by NICHOLAS and mastered by multi-Grammy winning phenom CHRIS GEHRINGER.

Nicholas introduces himself with a sound that speaks for itself. Each song he pens is dressed in velvet tones that showcase an undeniably unique voice and range. As a producer, his beats are equally as unique.

Born into a troubled home in upstate New York, Nicholas Max learned from a young age the power of music as a means of escape. He would often spend hours at a time lost on a journey through music, exploring a variety of genres from classic rock to oldies, Motown to pop, jazz, R&B, and reggae. When not listening to music, Nicholas Max would find himself learning to break-dance at the local park – later dubbed by his friends as “Mr. Centipede” for some of his wildest moves.

Having gained so many positive influences and strong relationships, music gave him a support system and a new understanding of love that he did not feel at home.
For Nicholas Max, choosing music means choosing love, making it almost certain that he was destined to follow his passion and begin making music of his own. First starting to perform with a karaoke machine at the age of twelve, Nicholas Max has now developed a distinct and personal style of music that will appeal to fans of pop, R&B, and soul alike. Since starting his solo career, he has already recorded at some of the most iconic studios in New York, including Quad Studio in Midtown and the Hit Factory.

Combining melodic and uplifting vocals with pop beats and soulful hooks, Nicholas Max’s music is easy listening but carries a deep and hopeful message that makes it truly unique. As part of the creative process, Nicholas Max often envisions his music as a fingerprint. Just like each of us has our fingerprints that are unique to us as individuals, we also each have a unique perspective and experiences that can’t be replicated by anyone else. By making soulful and unique music, Nicholas Max is telling his own story in a way that no one else can.

Currently, Nicholas Max is in the process of recording his debut album, which he expects to release in the upcoming months. Released together with his own production company, I Am Love Entertainment, LLC, this project will truly be the summation of years of struggle, inspiration, and love. In the meantime, Nicholas Max hopes to begin connecting with fans through live and virtual shows. For Nicholas Max, the opportunity to be a musician is an opportunity to spread happiness, be inspired, and to choose love over all else!

His message simply put,"LET LOVE LEAD".

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On behalf of Nicholas Max and team, “thank you so very much and many BLESSINGS to you! ^_^”

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